We appreciate the opportunity to represent clients in a variety of industries, from investment firms to start up companies.  We are fortunate that our primary referral source is from existing clients, as well as other lawyers.

"After being presented with a difficult business dispute, we turned to the Law office of Dimitri P. Gross to help us through litigation. Dimitri was attentive, caring, and professional while making sure that all of our needs were met in a timely manner. Throughout the process, he was open and honest in his communication, which helped guide us to make informed legal decisions. His thorough handling of our case proved to me that we made the right decision in hiring his firm."

"My firm utilized Mr. Dimitri Gross in a recent case where we were a named party in a contentious, long-running lawsuit between two "gorilla" firms. Dimitri was very effective in managing the expectations of the lawyers of the two firms and guiding us through the process in an efficient manner. He is one of the rare lawyers who is able to offer good counsel considering both the legal and business aspects. Our company typically uses well-known regional firms, but for this case chose to engage Dimitri through a referral. We were very pleased with his services and the total fees."

"The City Council brought in Dimitri Gross to handle a very complex legal matter after the initial attorney that was retained by the City ended up having a conflict of interest and had to recuse himself from the case. Dimitri has an exceptional ability to handle complex litigation matters and is an outstanding problem solver. He is intelligent, shrewd, ethical and best of all passionate about what he does and works tirelessly to obtain the best possible result. Despite some significant challenges and sheer complexity of our case, Dimitri was successful in negotiating a successful settlement without having to go to trial. I would highly recommend Dimitri Gross to anyone seeking a superbly competent attorney with impeccable character who puts his client’s interests first and works extremely hard to achieve your desired results without running up costs unnecessarily."

“Dimitri handled a contentious lawsuit for us which resulted in a multi-million judgment after a bench trial.  During the lawsuit he not only was thorough and responsive, but he was very effective in court and against the other attorneys.  We have since used Dimitri as our go to lawyer for basically all our legal questions.”

“I was stuck in legal battle between two separate parties in a business contract dispute. I was sued by both entities. Dimitri held my costs down to a minimum while ultimately getting me dismissed!  I would suggest using Dimitri to anyone looking for a positive result without having astronomical legal costs.”

“I used Dimitri’s service for some employer/employee legal dispute and had a better than expected outcome.    Dimitri is a no nonsense attorney who is very straight forward and fair.   He had an excellent way of getting his point across to the opposing attorney so that they understood that he (and his clients) will not stand for the classic scare tactic.”

"Over the past several years we have engaged Dimitri Gross to represent several companies and individuals on numerous litigation matters.  We have been consistently satisfied with his work product.  He is a good strategist, and works hard to save us money.  His litigation skills are excellent."

“Dimitri was instrumental in showing me that my interests were best served in negotiating a settlement of my case.  Surprisingly, this strategy was not in his best interest since the alternative was costly litigation.  Thank you for putting my interests ahead of your own." 

“I found myself in a complex, business dispute. Dimitri was able to guide me through the complex and emotional dispute in a calm and straightforward manner.  He was able to adapt his approach to fit my case.  In my view, the only reason the case settled (to my benefit) was Dimitri’s tenacity.”

“I was a mediator in one of Mr. Gross’s cases.  I found Mr. Gross to be well prepared and effective in the representation of his client.  It was a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and understanding attorney.” 

“The crew at ADS really appreciates your time, dedication, and professional approach when handling our legal issues.  You are very easy to talk to, very responsive to our needs, and always give us the appropriate attention we need. Thank you for all your support.”

“Dimitri took care of all my business legal needs.  As a small business owner it's refreshing to work with an attorney who cares more about results then about hours billed.  It's very evident that Dimitri cares a great deal about his client's needs and being effective and realistic about the process and the results.”

“Dimitri has helped Marko Foam Products navigate through today's business climate by providing knowledge and insight. Dimitri works above and beyond what is asked, and keeps us informed.”
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